Ongoing Guidance and Support for College Students


  Each college student’s learning experience varies according to his or her educational preparation, learning style, social maturity

  and personality. While some students find the transition to college relatively easy, others don’t.   The orientation and

  ongoing support services colleges offer range from well developed to rudimentary.  Moreover, even the best of these services

  are rarely sufficiently customized to the individual student’s specific needs


  Regardless of the mixture of factors affecting the student, all students profit from individualized professional guidance and

  support during their college careers.  Wilner Education provides in-depth, caring attention to each student, according to

  his or her needs. Our goal is to provide ongoing structured, supportive guidance, as well as engendering the student’s

  personal growth and ability to be in control of his or her academic and personal life.




  We serve as the student’s advocate while helping the student work towards his or her potential. We hold the student

  accountable and challenge them to grow and do more than they think they can. We work towards having the

  student ultimately internalize the support, encouragement and techniques we are employing, thereby gaining independence

  and personal success.


  Our approach involves three distinct areas of support:

     -Academic planning and success

     -Guidance for accessing college and outside resources

     -Personal planning



  Specialized Guidance:

  Academic planning and success:

          -Discovery and evaluation of overarching educational plan and goals

          -Course and major selection

          -Time management

          -Accountability to professors, college assigned advisor and administrators

          -Achieving successful grades

          -Studying off-campus and abroad

          -Planned leave of absence

          -Response to health issues, or unplanned leave of absence

          -Guidance for disciplinary issues

          -Planning and preparation for graduate studies


  Guidance for accessing and utilizing college and outside resources:

          -Selecting and working with tutors, peer tutors and professors

          -Campus and off-campus health and mental health services

          -Career placement office for internships, summer jobs, jobs

          -Campus housing and food services

          -College billing and student account

          -Bank accounts, credit card usage and bills


  Personal planning:

          -Development of an overarching personal plan and goals:; focus on individual strengths and aims

          -Dealing with social life at college                   

          -Accountability to parent(s) and family

          -Facilitating good parent/family/student communication

          -Monitoring of personal health and mental health

          -Balance between academic and personal time

          -Dealing with the unexpected or crisis

          -Changing unproductive patterns of behavior



  The student meets with us for regularly scheduled sessions and as needed.  A typical meeting schedule might involve weekly

  sessions.  However, as conditions mandate, sessions may occur several times a week, or even daily.  Besides regularly

  scheduled sessions, additional contact is maintained through frequent shorter telephone calls, email, text, or Skype. 

  Long distance presents no difficulty through the use of electronic communication.  In-person meetings can be scheduled

  as required, with travel expenses as an additional charge.


  Although the student’s privacy is respected, Wilner Education will report to parents regarding student progress, subject

  to previous mutual agreement among parents, student, and Wilner Education.  As the student works towards full maturity

  and independence, it is critical to foster such growth by allowing autonomy from parental authority. However it is

  also part of the process to facilitate honest, open communication between the student and parent(s), which

  will include regular updates to the parents. 



  Fee Structure:

  Wilner Education believes that the interests of the students we work with always come first.   This means we never limit

  the time we spend working with students and their families, nor do we take short cuts by recycling previous work product

  onto new students.  Each student is unique and very important to us. Therefore so is each student's college experience

  and success.  Our primary compensation is leading great students to great futures. 


  In light of our basic philosophy, we choose to offer a flat fee for the period of service to our students and their families.  

  We believe that in this way, no client feels they are 'on the clock' and that therefore they can fully get the guidance

  required.   Clients find they get wonderful value from working with us, because we are devoted to their best interests

  and needs, always.